Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm new to this whole blogging, picture sharing, thought disclosing arena of the internet so please, be patient and feel free to not judge my grammar and possible spelling errors.

I haven't done something like this since the days of live journal, but here goes.

I'm Sarah, I'm married to an amazing, God- fearing man who blesses me and challenges me, and makes me laugh each and every day. I work full- time as an adviser for Ashford University military students and I spend a big chunk of my time outside of work participating in ministry with junior highers, college- aged peeps, and well, people. I enjoy time with friends and family, and would die without it, seriously. I'm very sarcastic, and I enjoy funny sarcasm, but not rudeness.

Anyways, I doubt I'll have time often to make this a super deep, contemplative, pondering blog but I'm sure it will come up in spurts at times. I am bold and opinionated at times and that will also come occasionally, and I talk fast when I'm excited (and excited- frustrated), which may show through in faster typing and capital letters.. ;).

Enjoy friends and foes.

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